Meet the team


Revd. Hazel Hunting

Hazel is our Minister.


Allan Tucker

Allan is our Church Treasurer. 

Vivienne Davis

Vivienne is our Assistant Treasurer.

The Deacons

At Rushmere Baptist Church we have Deacons to help in the leadership of the church. Each one plays a key role in the ministry of the church.

Click here to find out about the role of a deacon

Val Dufour

Val is our Church Secretary. 


Shirley Austin

Shirley is our trustee with responsibility for safe guarding.

John Ford

    John has responsibility for our buildings management.

 Ray Parker 

 Mark Tripp 

Richard Laycock

merna blue

David Barnard

merna blueDavid looks after our GDPR and Data protection.

Jenny Blades

The trustees of Rushmere Baptist Church are the Deacons, Minister, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.  Registered Charity No. 1197284