Home Groups

Home groups are an important part of life at Rushmere Baptist Church. We meet twice a month in various venues across town. The most important thing about home groups is that we get to know each other better than we could if we only met up at church on Sundays. This way, we get to support each other. Time is spent reading the bible and in informal discussion and prayer.  The groups provide an opportunity for everyone to raise questions and share their current experience as they seek to get to know Jesus more.  Most groups are a mixture of ages and depth of Christian faith experience. There is a group meeting on most nights of the week as well as during the day, so we can find one to suit most people. The group that meets on Monday mornings has a crèche. There is a group for young teenagers and another for young adults aged 18 and over.

If you would like to join a group or simply know more about home groups please contact Margaret Deasley or click here to contact us.

Home Group Details

We have 10 home groups at present meeting on various days and nights once a fortnight as follows:

Tuesday Afternoons

Tuesday Evenings x2.

There is a group for young adults aged 18 and over.

Wednesday Morning.

Wednesday Evening x2.

Thursday Evening x2.

The Groups meet for fellowship, prayer and Bible study.

We are currently studying a series based on Prayer.

So if you would like more information or would like to join a Group, please speak to Marg Dearsley or Heather Marsden or click here to contact us.