Arts and Crafts Group

Why not come along and find a hidden talent?


We meet every Wednesday evening at 7.00pm.. 'What for?' you may ask. Well, it is to do battle with clean white canvas or stretched white paper on a board. Pondering on what to draw, or paint. Then mixing colours and splashing it on before realising it was not what you wanted to do! The smell of burning rubber, as erasers are working overtime because the drawing has not worked out.

Art group


With all this there is laughter and banter with one another: we encourage each other and give advice - all done in a friendly manner.  Why do we do it?  Because it is a night away from the telly; it gives us fellowship, friendship and encouragement to improve on our gifts, whatever they might be; it offers companionship if you live alone, and naturally we enjoy a cup of tea or coffee together!


Painting 2


We invite anyone to join us, you don't have to be a member of the church, everyone is welcome.  If you are interested in joining us just come along or click here to contact us.