Hello and Welcome to the Rushmere Youth Page!
What you need to know about us.....
We are just a group of young people, all ages, backgrounds, and interests that join together to discover and ask questions about life, God and where we fit into it all. We try to support each other, look out for each other and be a community. Come and see what we are all about! All groups and events are down below!

The vision for our youth at Rushmere Baptist Church is ……
‘Finding Purpose, Being Transformed, Growing Together’.
See our youth whole vision in the link here

TRIBE: Year 7+

Tribe is our youth group that runs on a Sunday morning during the main church service. The age range is 11-17 although youth are welcome to stay in the main service if they would like. We get together as a group every week to meet, have a good laugh, and learn more about God. We cover loads of relevant topics from Emotions to Is Black Friday Bad? to Who is God? Every week is completely different so come visit us on Sunday in The Attic at 10.45am.

SPRING: Year 7+


Wii games, relays, melting crayons, making milkshakes…. just some of things we get up to at SPRING, our Youth Club for Year 7+! SPRING is on a Monday Night (Term Time only) from 7.15-8.45. The evenings are game and activity based and usually involve, food, crazy competitions and lots of laughs. Each night has a theme and all links to a discussion about a certain topic that is the focus for the evening. This term we have had theme nights with balloons, newspapers, food, superheroes and lots more! We look at ourselves, world issues and faith with the biggest question being what do you think?

THIRST: Year 10+

We all have those big questions in life that we want answering and Thirst is somewhere we hope you feel able to talk about the big issues. This group meets fortnightly at someone’s house and together we watch a youth talk on a relevant topic and discuss it as we go! All questions and tenuous points allowed! There is also pudding and lots of chat! Year 10+ from 7.30-9.15pm.


We believe that everyone has skills and gifts. Our Arise services are youth led, giving everyone the chance to use their different talents. Whether it is music, leading games, being creative, or baking cookies everyone has something to share in these services. Arise services are usually termly.


At RBC we think friendships are really important and therefore we always make time to do things together as group. Movies, hot chocolate, trips out (Pleasure wood Hills being a favourite!), they are all great ways to just meet together and relax. We also go away to festivals such as Soul Survivor and Spree so watch this space for more information!